The Centre Reaches Out to the Gonzales Community

While the DRC focuses on Commercial Disputes, each year the Centre undertakes a community outreach initiative. This year the Centre selected the Pride in Gonzales Project, co-ordinated by Ms. Andrea Alexander. A major goal of this Social Delivery Programme entitled “Building Pride Together” is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Gonzales, and one element of this programme is the training and development of the residents of Gonzales.

Tipping the Scales towards Court-Annexed Mediation

In its role as the premier provider of Commercial Mediations and Arbitrations in the country for over fourteen years, the DRC approached the Judiciary regarding the design and implementation of a Court-Annexed Mediation Service Delivery Model.

Sustaining Economic Growth Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

If Trinidad and Tobago is to continue to grow its economy at “Chinese rates,” the business community must continue its successful efforts in enhancing investor confidence by embracing institutions such as the Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) and the use of ADR to resolve commercial disputes in lieu of litigation.