Board of Directors

Although the Dispute Resolution Centre was developed by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the nature of its business demands that it operate as a completely autonomous and neutral organisation, and it is therefore administered by its own Board of Directors.


Dennis Gurley S.C.

Mr. Gurley is an attorney-at-law and managing partner at J. D. Sellier & Co. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of several organisations and is the chairman of the Dispute Resolution Centre’s Board of Directors. Areas of practice and specialty include Corporate and Commercial Arbitration and Mediations including insurance claims, shareholder disputes, building and contractual disputes, bank and finance disputes, management and corporate governance disputes, debt and insolvency disputes, trust and settlement, land and property disputes, intellectual property disputes, professional negligence and family property settlement. In 1992, Mr. Gurley chaired a Cabinet appointed Task Force to report and advise the Government on the problem of “Delays in the Administration of Justice”. Mr. Gurley is a Certified Mediator.

Geoffrey M. Abdulah

Having attained his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s degree in Construction Management, over the past 30 years Geoffrey Abdulah has acquired extensive experience in the management and implementation of large construction projects and in the management of existing  facilities throughout the Caribbean in both the public and private sectors. As one of the founding members of Acquitas and Quantitas, he has been in the forefront of the creation of a uniquely combined multi disciplinary team of professionals providing project management, facilities management, claims adjusting and property development services throughout the region. Geoffrey has been instrumental in the company becoming ISO 9001 Certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), demonstrating the team’s commitment to providing “best in class” services to all of its clients.

Stephanie Daly S.C., CMTT

Mrs. Daly is an attorney-at-law who is a consultant with the firm of Pollonais, Blanc, de la Bastide & Jacelon where she was a partner for over 30 years. She has extensive experience in civil litigation and in commercial work including contract, insurance, banking, company, joint ventures, construction and energy sectors, governance and regulatory issues. She is familiar with both the building of commercial relationships, and dealing with the problems that subsequently arise. She has been actively involved in the development of Mediation in Trinidad and Tobago and is a Director of the Dispute Resolution Centre. Mrs. Daly is certified as a mediator for both civil disputes (with commercial specialisation) and family disputes, and is a certified mediation trainer. She has mediated on a variety of matters including commercial issues, defamation, devolution of family business, family settlements and custody. Mrs. Daly chaired the Committee that designed the Family Court with in-house mediation services. She publishes a regular supplement on damages for personal injuries in the Lawyer journal.

Robin Otway

Robin Otway is the principal of the firm of Otway and Associates and he has been in practice just over 40 years. He is very experienced in civil law in general, principally in civil litigation, in particular commercial litigation and professional malpractice, and especially medical negligence in which area he has been in active practice for almost 30 years, and he is also well versed in real estate law, commercial leases, and contracts, company formation and also in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. He is a former Senior Member of the Council of the Trinidad and Tobago Law Association, and was until about 5 years ago a Member for 6 years of its Disciplinary Committee. He previously was an associate tutor at the Hugh Wooding Law School, and a former partner of 2 of the larger law firms in Trinidad, Hamel-Smith & Co. and De Nobriga Inniss & Co. (now Lex Caribbean) heading the litigation department in each of them. Mr. Otway is also a certified mediator since April 2012 registered with the Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago and has successfully mediated numerous contentious matters over the last 5 years. He recently successfully completed a Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Lawyer Course under the auspices of the Trinidad and Tobago Dispute Resolution Centre.

Baliram Sawh

Mr. Sawh is the General Manager – General Insurance Services of the Maritime Financial Group. He has over 25 years experience in the Insurance industry encompassing various areas of the insurance business. His assignments included the surveying, risk selection and rating of the various risks presented to the company. He is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII).

Toni Sirju-Ramnarine
Toni Sirju-Ramnarine

Toni Sirju-Ramnarine holds the position of Vice President, Corporate Operations at LNG producer Atlantic. As Vice President of Atlantic’s Corporate Department, Toni has senior strategic Leadership oversight of three functions: Information and Technology Systems; Integrated Planning; and Sustainability and Corporate Communications. With over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, Toni has held senior leadership responsibilities within the fields of Engineering, Business Development, Project Development and Project Management. At Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL), Toni was instrumental to the company’s business development advances and later, responsible for the company’s management of major EPC projects, which involved working in Houston with shareholder ConocoPhillips.