The Centre was the first Private organisation to be certified as a Mediation Agency with the Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago and our Mediators are certified by the Board.  In 2010, through a joint initiative with the Judiciary, the Centre became an innovator of Court-Annexed Mediation which was spearheaded by the Honourable Chief Justice Ivor Archie.  This groundbreaking initiative resulted in quick, cost-effective mediations with a 60% success rate!


The T&T Chamber is the Caribbean representative for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).  Through our linkage with the T&T Chamber and, by extension, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Dispute Resolution Centre is authorised to recommend arbitrators and manage the logistical operations for arbitrations filed with the International Court of Arbitration in Paris, but with the intention of being heard locally.

The Centre offers a choice of local and international arbitrators, some of whom are retired High Court Judges.  Moreover, the Dispute Resolution Centre has had long-standing representation on the International Court of Arbitration. For many years the esteemed Mr. Justice Alcalde Warner served as the Centre’s representative on the ICC’s International Court of Arbitration in Paris, France.  With the passing of Justice Warner, the Honourable Mr. Justice Roger Hamel-Smith, a former Acting Chief Justice and now member of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, took up the mantle and is the Centre’s current representative on the International Court of Arbitration.


The Centre facilitates Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training and other workshops, seminars and courses on a regular basis.  We offer these programmes to the public or customise them to meet your organisation’s specific needs, and will combine any of the following topics to provide comprehensive training courses.  Further, our facilitators are drawn from a cadre of distinguished trainers, both locally and internationally, who are leaders in their field.


The Dispute Resolution Centre is available to assist your institution by providing competent and neutral facilitation of potentially difficult meetings.  We can facilitate meetings which, are expected to be contentious or complex, or meetings in which the in-house facilitator is not in a position to provide neutral leadership.

System Design

The Centre is available to assist your institution in improving how it handles conflict on a system-wide basis.  The goals of our system design service are to reduce the high costs of ineffective dispute resolution, to reduce the frequency of recurring conflicts, and to increase the quality and durability of solutions.  The system design process has five phases: Initial Consultation, Assessment, Design, Implementation and Evaluation.